About Photographer Tom Windeknecht

I am a Southern California photographer, brand collaborator, Instagram influencer and content creator living in Redlands, California. My colorful and fun minimalist style captures the eyes of various brands, keeping me busy with creative collaborations to produce vibrant product photos and playful stop-motion animations. My passions are product, landscape, minimalism, travel, and architectural photography. I like to photograph throughout California, as well as travel to other destinations to capture new images. Since 2016, I have been a Google Ambassador for their award-winning Google Pixel phones and a member of Google's #teampixel. I also post frequently on my own Instagram account @tomwindeknecht.


Tom Windeknecht

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Some of my areas of interest include:


Photo Equipment

Check out the photo equipment that I use on a daily basis. Everything from studio photography, videos and stop-motion, and photo & video editing!

The camera that I always have on me is my trusty Google Pixel 3 XL. Check out the Google Pixel!